What to do better on a snowy day than to share my skin & beard routine? I usually don’t use a lot of skin care products, but lately I have taken a deeper interest in that subject. I put that on the account on my aging/new freckles (lol). 


1- “Eau Précieuse” Mattifying care regulator
Mattifying care regulator, provides the ideal balance between dullness and hydration.
 I apply it on my face and neck after a deep cleansing.
2- Nivea Men “Roll-on Skin Energy”
When I apply the roll-on every morning and evening, I see the difference right away. My look is “fresher” and not as if I came right off the bed or had a terrible working day. 
3- “Vichy” Idealizer for skin and beard
To energize and moisturize, I apply daily this cream. It especially has an effect of the beard area – gives a soft and smooth feeling. 

When the barber don’t do it, I do it that way.

1- “L’occitane” shaving cream
First, I moistened my face with hot water and apply a nut of this cream on the shaving wanted area. Then I massage my face (yes I do), to create an instant lather. I shave the my beard and finally rinse my skin with cold water. 
2- “L’occitane” Cade after shave balm.
As the skin is put through shaving, I take care of my skin by applying this balm. It reduces the irritation and the redness.

Last but not least, I put on “Prada” Infusion D’Iris.
I had a big crush on its scent, although it is a women’s perfume. I was just bewitched by notes of mandarin, orange blossom and mastic. It is as if I could smell the wind of italy and its just-cleaned laundry hanging in the street (so cliché). 


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