When I went in Barcelona I have the opportunity to assist at the 080BCNFASHION , mean’s the Barcelona fashion week.
I was invited by a brand that I love and that I follow since the beginning their work.
The brand, “Brain & Beast” a spanish brand that presenting garnements with a strong influence of contemporary culture.
Founded by Angel Vilda, Cesar Olivar and Veronica Raposo in 2010 the brand has not ceased to surprise and to grow, without forgetting great deal of sophistication and humor.

Is a vital condition about the fact of creating thoughts and reserved the right to decide what will be communicated and which remain secret, that is, the very possibility of lying or hiding from them, the sole purpose of providing proof of autonomy both inhabited space and the thinking function, protecting from others by dikes, creating an intimate territory or secret. Secrets contain a piece of history that should be silenced as well, reveal them and hold INSOMNIA raises the possibility of rewriting. It is the adventure of a sleepless night investigating the claim truths own identity beyond the comfort zone.
Credit pictures: Brain & Beast 

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