For sure I am obsessed with Blue clothes, I often show you outfits with blue shades! Sorry guys, I really love this color and I didn’t even realize when I buy my clothes that I always bought blue pieces.
So, here one more time a blue look, this time with this awesome COS shirt, blue and minimalist as I love, matching with my carrot jeans.
The silhouette of this outfit is large, but hey, I think I can allow me to wear a similar outfit, I’m a normal boy I mean’s I’m not muscular or very fit but a boy that you can meet anywhere.
I appreciate this kind of silhouette because it’s comfy and at the same time trendy and timeless.
I wear it to go strolling around the park because we had an amazing weather and with my partner in crime Romina, we took advantage of it to take some pictures of our outfits at the same time.

Pictures by Romina Ch.
COS – Shirt
H&M – Carrot Jeans
Adidas – Sneakers
Balenciaga – Bag 
Alfex – Watch
LGR world – Sunglasses


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