Christmas is looming ever closer and we must get ourselves ready (and above all stylized) for the glitz and glamour of the occasion. That’s why I have prepared for you a selection of outfits for all the invitations you have received on that day.
As usual, there’s the mandatory family dinner, or for the lucky ones, a dinner with the mountain of friends who’ve invited you. And you should not wait until the last minute to decide what to wear.
I have selected for you some of Zalando’s items to inspire you and, most of all, suitable clothes to be comfortable in.


With our families, we must be classic (but not too much mind you!). On that day, our mothers relish seeing us not decked out in jeans and sneakers that have seen better days, so treat them! 
As usual, what’s better than a shirt with blue denims but somewhat different: this time I suggest you a knit tie that gives a younger touch to your outfit so that you should not look like your father.
A clean new pair of suede moccasins, a beautiful coat and your mother will be over the moon to see you so chic!
Ralph Lauren – Shirt 
Replay – Jeans
Pier One – Coat
Topman – Mocassins
Nixon – Watch

As for me, I usually dine out in a restaurant with all my friends, so that nobody has to cook and everyone can enjoy their evening.
For this kind of get-together, I mostly choose a very urban and stylish look.
This winter, turtlenecks are trendy, the advantage being that they’re an outfit in themselves.
I can match anything I love with that those, and that’s for sure how I will dress: a green turtleneck combined with a camel coat and grey slacks. Look at that, perfect right?
As we need to be stylized, nothing trendier than a hat, guys!
By the way don’t forget the pair of Chelsea Boots that will finish up this ensemble perfectly.
Kiomi – turtleneck
Monkey – Coat
Farah – Pants
Black Caviar – Hat
Nixon – Watch
Brett Sons – Chelsea Boots

Ordinarily, December is the month when we all have that kind of dinners with all our colleagues, boss and countless people we’ve never seen before even if they work in the same company.
For that, I suggest you to be smart and chic but, in my opinion, do not go overdressed!

A shirt, of course, is always the best option. Here, I would advise a grey shirt matched with grey pants. Forget the completely black attire. To give an elegant touch to this ensemble, nothing better than a clear coat!

I, for one, would avoid the blazer for a staff party; it’s not a walk-in event! So, be smart casual.
Pick the right accessories: beautiful shoes, a nice watch… et voilà!

Pier One – Shirt
New Look – Pants
Aldo – Shoes 
Michael Kors – Watch

For the lucky ones who will be invited in mountain resorts to celebrate Christmas, be particularly prepared for the cold but don’t look like Eskimos, you must be trendy, especially in upscale ski resorts!
Your outdoor outfit is the most important, then. You must be stylish, trendy and should look like a young socialite.
The right articles will make the difference: a flannel shirt matched with a woolly, casual pants but with a classic fit, a denim jacket lined with faux sheepskin… a lumberjack look with a hipster touch.

Do not forget your pair of Timberland boots, a beanie and a bag for the weekend!
The perfect outfit for a hot chocolate drink on a Gstadd terrace pending the arrival of all your friends.

Pier One – Shirt
EDC by Esprit – Pullover
Pier One– Pants
Levis – Vest 
Timberland – Boots
Carhartt – Beanie
Herschel – Bag

You may have been invited for a dinner at ‘the place to be’, you know, this kind of restaurant so ‘IN’ where being super chic and masculine is a requirement.
I offer you to wear a dinner jacket, a black shirt with a black tie (for me, wearing a tie that matches the same color as the shirt is very stylish). 
A piece of advice, guys: on such a venue,  the key moment is your arrival! For that, a well-cut coat and the right accessories will have the most dramatic effect upon your arrival. All the eyes will be set on you!
And above all, strike an attitude.
Selected Homme – Blazer and Pants
Calvin Klein – Shirt
Reiss Roberts – Coat
Kiomi – Loafers
Black Kaviar – Hat
Roeckl – Gloves
Calvin Klein – Tie
J-Lindeberg – Scarf

Let’s be honest, Christmas is very pleasant but we never stop eating, and after that, fortunately, we make good resolutions for the coming year, like going back to the gym.
Believe my, guys: before enrolling in a gym, there’s nothing better and cheaper than jogging to gradually rediscover the taste of working out.
I will not praise the merits of running, here. However, I will try to entice you into dressing yourself up for a future training.
The key point, be comfortable in your sportswear, and for that, Adidas sports apparel is perfectly designed (how should I know?  – That’s what I wear when I go running).

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