Hi Guys,
How are you today? 
Today’s outfit is more casual… what I mean is a white t-shirt with a denim and a pair of sneakers !
We don’t need more to be comfy !
Maybe yes, a bag  to put everything that you need. 
For this day I choose to take this bag from the swiss brand Freitag.
I really love all models of this brand, always original and exclusive!
They make bags which correspond very well for a man, of course for woman too!
I have several that I would soon show you.
They are made ​​from truck tarps, that’s why every bag gets a different printed.
Hope you like this outfit as much as me!

Pictures by Serge G.
T-shirt – Obey
Denim – H&M
Bag – Freitag
I phone case – Moschino
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Sneakers – Nike
Watch – Alfex