When we rented our flat to go in Barcelona we didn’t know that the appartement it was on a rooftop. Doesn’t matter we prefered like this, you know why? yes you know! due the view (yeah!!!)
During our second day in Barcelona we took these outfit pictures before to go out and this because it was too hot outside (but too, too, too hot!)
It was in 10 minutes that we made this shoot on the rooftop, otherwise we will die on the spot.
I wear this t-shirt that I found on a vintage store and that I paid almost nothing with these H&M shorts and to give a nice touch at this outfit I wore  my Dr. Martens sandals.
What do you think about this summer look?

Pictures by Serge G.
Market – T-shirt
H&M – Shorts
Dr. Martens – Sandals
Ray Ban – Sunglasses
Alfex – Watch

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