Hi guys, during my vacations I took advantage to shoot some outfits (not a lot otherwise it was not vacation).
Since longtime I wanted to shoot on this location, this bridge have a lot of souvenirs for me, it was the only bridge to go on Portugal from where I lived when I was a children.
It was the duty and I remember that it was always full of cars who wanted to cross to go to the market on Saturdays.
Now only the tourist and a few people crossing this bridge and it was the first time for me that I crossed it by foot and not by car.
Well, about my look I show you an outfit easy to wear on holidays shorts, t-shirt and shirt and my new and lovely Vans with Mickey!
Of course I have not left my Ray Ban sunglasses as they go with any outfit.

H&M Divided – Shirt
H&M – Shorts
Vans – Slippers
Ray Ban – Sunglasses
EyeXcon – T-shirt

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