When I’m dressed with this Strellson double-breasted suit I said to myself:
-you look like Don Johnson on Miami Vice!

But it was exactly what I wanted when I’m dressed, since I remember I always preferred this kind of blazer to the simple-breasted, I like the shape and the look that it gives me.

It’s always a bit challenging for me to go for a more classic look and keep it cool at the same time.

This time to break the classical side I chose to roll up the sleeves and to wear sandals instead of the classic pretty shoes, you like it like this?
Yay, nay? it does not matter… I like it!

Strellson, a Switzerland’s menswear brand has the perfect pieces for us, men with style!
They offer us key pieces for this Summer season as this suit from their Premium line, but don’t worry guys, they have a Sportswear line too.

For my side I’m back to Switzerland after one week off in Barcelona, and it was just amazing, soon I will show you some posts that I already prepared for you… don’t miss it!

Pictures by Romina Ch.
Strellson – Suit, T-shirt, Sandals
Alfex – Watch
Ray Ban – Glasses

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