For cleansing, any basic shampoo will do. There are a lot of brands in the market offering all kinds of stuff like organic, antioxidant and so on. 
However, you don’t have any real evidence which one is better. You tend to use the one that feels and smells good to you. But it is important that you choose some product that can protect your hair.
Take the time to understand your hair, and what nutrients it needs, to find the perfect match. 
Hair comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and no one shampoo is going to fit every man.
Using the best shampoo for men is one of the simplest grooming techniques, which can have massive results, so don’t skimp on this essential item!
Beer can actually be very good for one’s hair. Is there any truth to that? Well, it seems so as REDKEN has just launched their REDKEN for Men Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo.
There’s actual science behind the idea that beer could be an important missing link in your grooming routine.
In additional to having general cleaning properties, beer is excellent for providing nutrients and vitamins to hair that can leave your mane looking shiny and super healthy. Not to mention, malt and hops are extremely beneficial in repairing damaged hair shafts by closing hair cuticles and preventing further damage.

A super, deeply cleansing shampoo for men, this CLEAN BREW EXTRA CLEANSING SHAMPOO from REDKEN boast an anti-grit technologie, that leaves your hair soft and smooth.
Intensely cleansing to eliminate dirt and oils, this shampoo is designed to leave your hair gleaming whilst purifying the scalp.
With a premium blend malt, brewer’s yeast and orange zest, this shampoo has an enticing aroma that you’ll love.
Ideal for use on normal to dry hair, this shampoo will remove product build up of clays or waxes, leaving your hair looking and feeling fresh.
CLEAN BREW DARK ALE for corse hair is an extra cleansing shampoo for coarse hair and scalp.
It is enriched with an anti-grit technologie that effectively removes impurities and residue from styling products. It is also enriched with malt, brewer’s yeast and orange peel which gives a masculine scent.
CLEAN BREW BODY, FACE & BEARD WASH is a facial cleanser gel, beard and body containing a mixture of extract from selected malt and beer yeast and oil of sweet orange and whose formula produces a rich foam which cleanses the skin intensely to remove dirt oil.

– Remember to shampoo in small, circular movements, don’t forget to target dirt collecting areas such as the nape of your neck.
-Massaging your scalp will increase blood flow which encourages growth and will stimulate your hair’s natural oils (producing shiny locks).
-Coarse/dry hair will benefit from hydrating shampoos.
-Fine/oily hair should be washed with a clear shampoo (one that doesn’t look creamy).
– Get regular haircuts and trims from your trusted barber.
-Normal hair can use just about any type of shampoo, just remember to always use good quality products for the best results!
Clean Brew Dark Ale
Clean Brew Body, face and beard wash
Clean Brew Extra-Cleansing Shampoo

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