ENG As you probably know or at least you can imagine, I love my beard. It’s the apple of my eyes, it’s a part of who I am and I can’t imagine myself without it. It’s a bit cliché but I don’t care. Once or twice a year I shave my beard off or I try the mustache and I immediately regret it because I feel like a newborn! I’m sure that many of you can understand what I mean by that.  Feeling naked and kind of vulnerable without his beard. Anyone?  Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my…

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What to do better on a snowy day than to share my skin & beard routine? I usually don’t use a lot of skin care products, but lately I have taken a deeper interest in that subject. I put that on the account on my aging/new freckles (lol).  FOR MY SKIN 1- “Eau Précieuse” Mattifying care regulator Mattifying care regulator, provides the ideal balance between dullness and hydration.  I apply it on my face and neck after a deep cleansing. 2- Nivea Men “Roll-on Skin Energy” When I apply the roll-on every morning and evening, I see the difference right away.…

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